Academia Europaea

The Academia Europaea is a functioning European Academy of Humanities, Letters and Sciences, composed of individual members. Membership is only by invitation after peer group nomination, scrutiny and confirmation as to the scholarship and eminence of the individual in their chosen field. Election is confirmed by the Council of the Academia. Members are drawn from across the whole European continent, not only western Europe. Members also include European scholars who are resident in other regions of the world. 

These scientists are elected as a member of Academia Europaea:


Picture Name, date
undefined Mihai Netea (Dept. of Internal Medicine). October 2015. More details.
Jansen, John John Jansen (Dept. of Biomaterials). July 2014. More details.
Krieken , Han Van 2014 Han van Krieken (Dept. of Pathology). July 2014. More details.
Smeitink Jan Jan Smeitink (Dept. of  Pediatrics).  Oct. 2013. More details.
Figdor, Carl Carl Figdor (Dept. of Tumorimmunology). Dec. 2012. More details.
Bindels, René René Bindels (Dept. of Physiology). 2005.