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"Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.", Dr. Samuel Johnson, English writer 1709-1784.

The RIMLS and RIHS institutes have appointed Prof. Dorine Swinkels and Prof. Gerhard Zielhuis, both experienced scientists, as contact persons in the case of suspicion of scientific misconduct or related matters.

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Scientific integrity is the backbone of research. Integrity is breached if, e.g., research data are falsified or manipulated, if the researcher intentionally misleads colleagues or other stakeholders, or if Intellectual Property Rights are exploited improperly. But a breach of integrity may be much more subtle than this. Researchers within the RIMLS are responsible for keeping up a high standard of integrity, and consequently the reputation of RIMLS, the Radboud University (RU) and Radboudumc.

Role of the contact person

(1) Any employee at the Radboudumc RIMLS and RIHS can confidentially inform one of the contact persons in case of suspicion of scientific misconduct or related matters. Naturally, PhD students can also choose to contact their mentors. The information that a PhD student shares with his/her mentor is also strictly confidential.

(2) The contact person is there to advise those who approach him/her on the steps to take. The contact person will NOT follow-up on the case, i.e., he/she will not examine the plausibility of the allegations with regard to accuracy and relevance. The contact person will keep complete confidentiality to protect the complainant and the individual or party against whom the allegation has been made.

(3) The contact person may refer the complainant to one of the confidential advisors on academic integrity (Dutch: vertrouwenspersonen wetenschappelijke integriteit) who further investigates the allegation.

(4) The contact persons advise the RIMLS scientific director on all relevant matters related to good scientific practice and scientific conduct and provide a yearly written report including anonymized statistics on consultations.

(5) The contact persons provide information regarding scientific conduct for all RIMLS personnel. For example, they participate in the mandatory PhD course on scientific integrity.

The RIMLS requests from their scientists that they disclose any financial or personal relationship that may influence their credibility of independence.

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