RIMLS Committees

Internal Advisory Board: The Internal Advisory Board advises the RIMLS Scientific Director regarding short- and long-term research strategy, PhD program, national and international collaborations and visibility of the institute. The board meets on an ad hoc basis. More info

BMW Master's Educational Team: The Education team for the Biomedical Life Sciences (BMW) Masters serves as a first point of contact for additional information about the RIMLS institute and BMW course possibilities. More info

MMD Master's Educational Management Team: The Educational Management Team ('Onderwijs Management Team - OMT') is involved in the main aspects of the MSc MMD, such as the recruitment of students, budget planning and monitoring, mentorship assignments, initiation of new modules, selection of new Masterclass topics, and the evaluation of the courses. Chairman: Roland Brock

PhD Council: This committee's primary role is the smooth running of the complete PhD program, including the content of the RIMLS Introductory Courseand approval of the individual PhD training programs. The committee is responsible for the coordination of the student-mentor system, the organisation of peer-to-peer talks and social events.Furthermore, the committee organises an annual PhD conference and supervises the organisation (by PhD students) of 3 PhD workshops per annum. Chairman: Bert van der Reijden

Training and Supervision Plan Committee: The Training and Supervision Committee (TSC) evaluates the quality and content of the PhD programme. The committee also advices students on improvements to their TSP. The committee meets on a regular basis. More info.

Radboud Personal Grant Committee: This committee advises applicants on grant applications, provides concrete advice on how content and style may be improved to increase the likelihood of success. The Committee critically reviews pre-proposals for personal grants like Veni, Vidi, Vici and ERC applications, and also provides interview training for students. The committee liases with the Department for valorization (Radboudumc) and the Department for Strategy, Education and Research (SOO) at the Radboud University. Chairman:  Johan van der Vlag

Radboud Postdoc Initiative: Postdocs within RIMLS can actively participate in the Radboudumc-wide initiative for postdocs and run by postdocs. More info.