BMW Master's Educational Team

BMW Master's Educational Team.

The Education team for the Biomedical Life Sciences (BMW) Masters serves as a first point of contact for additional information about the RIMLS institute and BMW course possibilities. 


From left to right:
Anniek van der Waart, Joost Hoenderop, Esmeralda Blaney Davidson, Martijn Huijnen 

Name and contact

Esmeralda Blaney Davidson
Dept. of Rheumatology
Tel. 16619 / 

Contact person for themes:
Inflammatory diseases
Reconstructive and regenerative medicine
Rare cancers

Joost Hoenderop
Dept. of Physiology
Tel. 10580 / 


Contact person for themes:
Renal disorders
Vascular damage
Urological cancers

Martijn Huijnen
Dept. of CMBI
Tel. 19543 / Email


Contact person for themes:
Mitochondrial diseases
Infectious diseases and global health

Anniek van der Waart
Lab. of Haematology
Tel. 16537 / Email


Contact person for themes:
Cancer development and immune defense
Tumors of the digestive tract 
Women's cancers