Figdor Lecture Theatre
Figdore Lecture Theatre


The Figdor Lecture Theatre can be booked via the RIMLS Office, Geert Grooteplein 28, ground floor, room 0.01. Tel 024 36 68051.





The Figdor Lecture Theatre has 99 seats available. The audio-visual equipment can be linked to audio-visual equipment located on the 'knowledge squares' of the other floors of the RIMLS research building. Standard equipment available: 1 beamer, ports for a laptop and a standard pc. A fixed microphone is located on the lecturn. In addition a wireless microphone and a lapel microphone are available (stored under the lectern). Please inform the RIMLS Office if you notice the batteries are low.


The Figdor Lecture Theatre is located on the 8th floor of the RIMLS research tower (Route 289). RIMLS employees can reach the 8th floor by the 'doubel-helix DNA' staircase or with the lift to the 7th floor and then the staircase to the 8th floor.
Visitors with a radboudumc badge can open the door to the entrance of the 8th floor. For visitors without a radboudumc badge is a sign to call the pager. This pager will be turned on by the organiser of the event so s/he can open the door. It is forbidden to leave this door open. Wheelchair users can use the main elevator to the 7th floor and a small invalid evelator, located diagnally opposite the Physiology department office, to go to the 8th floor. Department/groups who have booked the Figdor Lecture Theatre are responsible for their visitors, the programme and catering if applicable.



Catering can be arranged via the Facility Service Radboudumc (Tel. 024 36 13530). It is possible to serve coffee/tea, a drink or a buffet in the foyer. It is obligatory to arrange for service. Eating or drinkIng in the Figdor Lecture Theatre is strictly forbidden. Barbecueing on the outside terras is also forbidden. Everything should be cleaned afterwards otherwise cleaning costs will be charged.


Key Figdor Lecture Theatre

Normally the theatre is open for everyone who has an radboudumc badge. Other organisers should arrange to pick-up an entrance badge at the RIMLS Office.

The organiser is responsible for turning off all equipment and lights.



The terrace is open from 09.00-18.00 hrs. It is forbidden to cross the boundary fence of the terrace. Outside you are not allowed to smoke. Smoking is forbidden at the whole building.

Additional information and photos of the Figdor Lecture Theatre and foyer can be found here.

We wish you an enjoyable and productive meeting.


RIMLS Management