Conference: The Healthy Brain

Conference: The Healthy Brain

6 November 2015 10:58 hrs.
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How to implement The Healthy Brain initiative bottom-up and campus-wide
06-11-2015 10:58:51Europe/AmsterdamHow to implement The Healthy Brain initiative bottom-up and campus-wide Location see

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A  series of meetings among researchers from different faculties has resulted in the idea that The Healthy Brain is a theme that crosses the boundaries of all faculties, and for which on our campus we have the expertise to play a world-leading role. Attached you find the document with a more extended description of this theme and the motivation for its choice. The Executive Board and the Board of Deans of our university have concluded that The Healthy Brain could be leading in the research strategy of our university. However they realise that the success of this choice depends on the ideas and contributions of researchers from all faculties in implementing and shaping the theme in an optimal way. Therefore, we invite all interested researchers on campus to participate in a one day meeting that should be a first step in implementing The Healthy Brain initiative bottom-up and campus-wide.

Date: Friday November 6, 2015

Location: Holthurnsche Hof, Zevenheuvelenweg 48A, 6571 CK Berg en Dal

The conference will start with short statements from the following researchers:

Prof. dr. Gerard Meijer                   Welcome

Prof.dr. Peter Hagoort                    The brain beyond borders: why now, why us

Prof.dr. Esther Miriam Sent            From homo economicus to homo cognitivus

Prof. dr. Barbara Franke                The biology of the brain and its implications for health care

Prof.dr. Willem Huck                       The brain; a complex bag of molecules

Dr. Roel Willems                              The story telling mind

Prof.dr. Marc Slors                          Thinking about thinking: philosophy and the brain Ybo Buruma                      Knowing the healthy brain; could it have legal repercussions?

All interested senior researchers (senior postdocs and beyond) are invited to participate in the meeting on The Healthy Brain. Apart from the invited statements, there is the option for 2 minute pitches (max 1 slide) in relation to the theme.

Participation requests should be received before October 16. 

Full details of the one-day program will be sent once the list of participants is completed.

The conference will have an evening program, preceded by a joint dinner. All participants are explicitly assumed to be present in Berg en Dal during the whole day (9.00 - 23.00 hours). 

Participation form

Ms. C.M. van den Heuvel, M.Sc. (

Head Strategy and Development

Radboud University Nijmegen




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