Science outside the box

Organized by the RPI and Lih Lah Yoga

2 June 2017 20:00 hrs. - 22:00 hrs.
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Science outside the box

Radboud Postdoc Initiative

02-06-2017 20:00:0002-06-2017 22:00:00Europe/AmsterdamScience outside the box Location see

Remarks / more information:

"Science outside the box" meetings aim to inspire scientists to think outside the box of using their skills and talents. We hope this will provide an entertaining evening and stimulating platform where scientists can reflect and connect to each other and talk openly about unconventional topics. This may lead to new collaborations and initiatives that are close to their heart and dreams.

In the first edition, scientists who developed unconventional career paths besides or outside the lab  will speak about their motivation, important decision moments, unexpected chances, challenges and how they can use their scientist skills in a new way. PhD-student Eligio developed a webplatform that aims to connect scientists and facilitate easy sharing of knowledge and skills. Irene, former PhD student in neuroscience, is now owner of a hotel at the sea. Gerard developed a new material during his PhD project which turned him unexpectedly into a CEO of a spin-off company. Hila, originally trained as a dentist, decided after her PhD project to start her own energy medicine clinic. Finally, postdoc Ivan will tell how a dream of making scientific art became real after teaming up with other scientists.​  

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