Radboud New Frontiers Symposia

New Frontiers 2007 - 2016


Towards the end of each year, the RIMLS and RIHS (link) institutes each organise an international 'New Frontiers' symposium across one of the thematic areas of the Radboudumc with the intention of exploring the newest scientific research and pioneering developments from molecule to man and population. This is the context of contributing to a significant impact on healthcare. The hosting institute alternates per year. These 'New Frontiers' in science symposia are highly successful with fruitful discussions on the latest developments in the chosen field in front of a large international audience. In the last years, prominent international speakers, including several Nobel prize winners, have discussed their research results and ideas. The symposia serve to increase visibility of our research, stimulate new and existing collaboration and importantly serve to motivate and broaden the horizons of our young researchers.  These top symposia are of interest to scientists of all levels, from Masters' students through to PhD's and post-doctoral researchers, senior professors and clinicians alike. In the context of public engagement, recently symposia have been coupled to a public evening aimed at citizens and patients alike, providing them with a platform to discuss their views with experts, increase their knowledge of scientific progress, and the potential impact on their health.

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