Radboud Research Rounds Plus: Prof. Guy Thwaites

Improving outcomes from severe infectious diseases: where’s the evidence?

23 November 2017 16:00 hrs. - 18:00 hrs.
Tuinzaal, route 706
Improving outcomes from severe infectious diseases: where’s the evidence?

Prof. Guy Thwaites, Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford, UK


Theme: Infectious diseases and global health

23-11-2017 16:00:0023-11-2017 18:00:00Europe/AmsterdamImproving outcomes from severe infectious diseases: where’s the evidence? Tuinzaal, route 706Rimlsrimls@radboudumc.nl

Remarks / more information:

Guy Thwaites is an academic infectious diseases physician and clinical microbiologist. He has been Director of the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit/Wellcome Trust Major Overseas Programme in Vietnam since October 2013. He is responsible for the scientific strategy of the programme, with its major research themes of emerging viral infections, dengue, brain infections, tuberculosis, malaria, enteric infections, antimicrobial drug resistance and care of the critically ill. His personal research interests focus on severe bacterial infections, including meningitis and Staphylococcus aureus bloodstream infection, and tuberculosis. He has a longstanding research interest in the diagnosis, treatment and pathophysiology of tuberculous meningitis. Much of his research has been centred on large, pragmatic, randomized controlled trials which have addressed questions of key clinical importance, but have also provided the framework for providing unique insights into disease pathogenesis, antimicrobial pharmacology, and host and bacterial genetics.

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