Radboud Research Rounds Plus: Dr. Gerhardt Attard

Plasma AR and abiraterone/enzalutamide resistant prostate cancer

23 February 2017 16:00 hrs. - 18:00 hrs.
Tuinzaal, route 706
Plasma AR and abiraterone/enzalutamide resistant prostate cancer

Dr. Gerhardt Attard, Cancer Research UK Clinician Scientist and Honorary Consultant.The Institute of Cancer Research and the Royal Marsden, Sutton, Surrey, UK


Theme Urological Cancers

23-02-2017 16:00:0023-02-2017 18:00:00Europe/AmsterdamPlasma AR and abiraterone/enzalutamide resistant prostate cancer Tuinzaal, route 706Rimlsrimls@radboudumc.nl

Remarks / more information:


Dr. Gerhardt Attard specialises in the development of drugs and biomarkers for prostate cancer, working at both the laboratory and clinical trials stages.

Dr. Attard was awarded a Cancer Research UK Clinician Scientist Fellowship in 2012 and also receives research funding from the European Union Marie Curie funding programme, Prostate Cancer UK, the Prostate Cancer Foundation (Santa Monica, California) and Movember.

Dr. Attard is an associate editor with the journal Annals of Oncology and sits on the scientific advisory boards of several companies. He has published over 90 peer-reviewed manuscripts and received awards for his work on abiraterone from several institutions including the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the American Association of Cancer Research, the European Society of Medical Oncology, the UK Association of Cancer Physicians, the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Medical Research Society and Academy of Medical Sciences.

Dr. Attard specialises in castration-resistant prostate cancer and drug development. His research focuses on reversing resistance to endocrine treatment in prostate cancer and developing circulating biomarkers to molecularly characterise advanced cancer patients. The group is currently working on projects looking at circulating plasma nucleic acids (funded by Prostate Cancer UK and the Prostate Cancer Foundation) and circulating tumour cells (funded by Movember). Dr Attard is also principal investigator for several clinical trials evaluating new strategies for targeting steroid receptor signalling in castration-resistant prostate cancer.



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