Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy meeting

Topic: Myeloid cells in cancer

23 October 2017 15:00 hrs. - 17:00 hrs.
Tuinzaal, route 706
Topic: Myeloid cells in cancer
23-10-2017 15:00:0023-10-2017 17:00:00Europe/AmsterdamTopic: Myeloid cells in cancer Tuinzaal, route

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Topic: Myeloid cells in cancer; Moderator: Annemiek van Spriel

15.00-15.40:       Romana Netea: Myeloid cells in endocrine cancer (Int Medicine)

15.40-16.20:       Willemijn Hobo: Targeting myeloid cancer and immunesuppressive cells using nanoparticles (Lab Hematology)

16.20-17.00:       Niven Mehra: Mature and immature myeloid cells in prostate cancer (Med Oncology)


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