9 February 2011 00:00 hrs.
Ciliogenesis and cell polarity in the vertebrate embryo.

Jarema Malicki, PhD, Division of Craniofacial and Molecular Genetics, Tufts University, Boston (USA)


Ronald Roepman, PhD, Dept. of Human Genetics, RUNMC, Nijmegen

09-02-2011 00:00:00Europe/AmsterdamCiliogenesis and cell polarity in the vertebrate embryo.

Remarks / more information:

Jarema-MalickiDr. Malicki is a reknowned zebrafish geneticist, who has made numerous seminal discoveries in the fields of polarity and ciliogenesis. These studies were published in top-tier journals like Cell, Neuron, Nature, Nature Cell Biology and Nature Genetics. His group focuses on the molecular pathways that establish and maintain cell polarity, primarily focusing on the nervous system. Using forward genetic screens in zebrafish, he identified three functional categories of cell polarity determinants: regulators of cell membrane polarity, determinants of ciliogenesis, and regulators of nuclear position. Areas of particular focus include studies aimed at understanding how epithelial polarity contributes to neuronal architecture, experiments probing the function of cilia in sensory cells and work directed at understanding how nuclear position contributes to sensory cell function.

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