MMD Masterclass: Prof. A. Osterhaus

Mini Symposium: Immunotherapy: harnessing the immune system to treat disease

26 September 2013 00:00 hrs.
Figdor Lecture Theatre, 8th floor RIMLS Building, Geert Grooteplein 26-28, route 289
Emerging viruses in a changing world

Prof. A. Osterhaus, Department of Viroscience, Erasmus MC - Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Prof. Jolanda de Vries and Prof. Gosse Adema, Department of Tumor Immunology, NCMLS

26-09-2013 00:00:00Europe/AmsterdamEmerging viruses in a changing world Figdor Lecture Theatre, 8th floor RIMLS Building, Geert Grooteplein 26-28, route

Remarks / more information:

OsterhausIn the past century, pandemic outbreaks of influenza and AIDS have cost the lives of approximately hundred million people.  These events were caused by introductions of influenza A viruses from birds and immunodeficiency viruses from non-human primates. Recent examples are the introduction of SARS- and MERS-coronaviruses, as well as avian influenza A viruses (H5N1 and H7N9), sparking global concern about their potential to cause new pandemics. Although improved surveillance techniques and increased media attention have undoubtedly contributed to our perception of this increase, major changes in our modern society create new niches for emerging virus infections: a complex mix of changes in social environments, medical and agricultural technologies and ecosystems continues to create new opportunities for viruses to cross species boundaries and subsequently adapt to the newly invaded species.  In combating this global threat, we should make optimal use of the new tools provided by unprecedented advances made in the research areas like molecular biology, epidemiology, genomics and bioinformatics. 

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