17 April 2012 00:00 hrs.
Theranostics of the ErbB family of growth factor receptors using nanobodies

Paul van Bergen en Henegouwen, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands


Dr. A. Cambi, Department of Tumor Immunology, NCMLS, Nijmegen

17-04-2012 00:00:00Europe/AmsterdamTheranostics of the ErbB family of growth factor receptors using nanobodies

Remarks / more information:

Paul van Bergen HenegouwenOverexpression and or mutations of the members of the ErbB family of growth factor receptor are strongly involved in the development of different cancers. This family consists of the members EGFR, Her2/neu,Her3 and Her4. Small molecule inhibitors and therapeutic antibodies have been developed against the different members but there is still a clear need for further optimization of current therapies. In addition, early diagnosis is essential for the treatment success of cancer. In this presentation I will show our recent results on the development of proteins that can be used both for diagnosis and therapy, a research field indicated as Theranostics. Essential for this approach are nanobodies, which are antibody fragments obtained from antibodies that are present incamelidae.Besides conventional antibodies, these animals also express a class of antibodies that lack the light chain. The variable region, indicated as VHH or nanobodies, have all binding properties of these antibodies. Application of the nanobodies will be shown in our research on the signaling process of the EGFR, the development of novel tracers for optical and PET/SPECT imaging of tumors and the development of novel therapeutic molecules that are directly targeted to the tumor using the nanobodies.

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