16 January 2012 00:00 hrs.
Immune contexture: A novel paradigm for cancer

Prof. Jerome Galon, Cordeliers Research Center, Paris, France


Prof. dr. Carl Figdor, Department of Tumor Immunology, NCMLS, Nijmegen

16-01-2012 00:00:00Europe/AmsterdamImmune contexture: A novel paradigm for cancer

Remarks / more information:

Galon, JeromeGerome Galon is an expert on integrative biology approaches (at multiple levels, DNA, RNA, miRNA, proteins, cell types, 3D-localization) and they hypothesize that this will provide a better knowledge of the local interplay between the immune components and the tumor cells. They focus on the analysis of the immune response against cancer with basic and clinical aspects.

Ultimate goals are aimed at innovations in oncology research, based on a better global understanding of the tumor microenvironment and of the dynamics of the host-immune response in human, using high-throughput methods, novel technologies, and integrative biology approaches.

Jerome Galon received the William B. Coley Award for groundbreaking studies demonstrating that the "immune contexture" - including the functionality, location, and density of immune infiltrate in colorectal tumors - is a major prognostic factor for human cancers.

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