24 March 2011 00:00 hrs.
Information processing in calcium signaling.

Prof. dr. Ursula Kummer, Department of Modeling of Biochemical processes, Institute for Zoology/Bioquant, University of Heidelberg, Germany


Dr. Werner J.H. Koopman, Department of Biochemistry, NCMLS Nijmegen

24-03-2011 00:00:00Europe/AmsterdamInformation processing in calcium signaling.

Remarks / more information:

Ursula-KummerThe research of Dr. Kummer focuses on the development of methods for the simulation, modeling and analysis of biochemical networks as well as on the application of these methods to tackle specific biochemical questions. In collaboration with Dr. Pedro Mendes (Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, Virginia Tech, USA) she developed the software Copasi (Complex Pathway Simulator) which allows simulation, modeling and analysis of biochemical networks. This software is applied in the study of calcium signal transduction and information processing therein and the activation of human neutrophilic leukocytes. Dr. Kummer's group is a member of the EU BioSim Network. The main objective of the Network is to demonstrate how the use of modern simulation techniques through a deeper and more qualitative understanding of the underlying biological, pathological and pharmacological processes can lead to a more rational drug development process, improved treatment procedures, and a reduction in the needs for animal experiments.

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