Seminar: Dietmar Hutmacher

Engineering of in vitro and in vivo Cancer Microenvironments

8 December 2015 10:00 hrs. - 11:00 hrs.
Hippocrates room, route 77
Engineering of in vitro and in vivo Cancer Microenvironments

Prof. Dietmar Hutmacher, QUT Chair in Regenerative Medicine, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia


Prof. Peter Friedl, Dept. of Cell Biology, RIMLS

08-12-2015 10:00:0008-12-2015 11:00:00Europe/AmsterdamEngineering of in vitro and in vivo Cancer Microenvironments Hippocrates room, route

Remarks / more information:

undefinedThe new field of tumor engineering allows recapitulating the natural processes of tissue dynamics and morphogenesis by providing guidance through cell-instructive and physically responsive scaffolds and matrices. Designs can be inspired by the natural extrinsic cell response to the surrounding cancer niche, including interactions with host cells, the surrounding matrix and receptor-ligand interactions. Third generation biomaterials developed originally for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (TE&RM) applications show great potential to be combined with holistic cancer biology andsystems biology, biomaterials, biomedical imaging, pharmacology, bioengineers, physicists, materials scientists, and bioinformaticians in a model-specific manner. The talk will review the current trends in the published literature and the work by the Hutmacher laboratory in this space.

Prof. Hutmacher is an internationally-recognized leader in the fields of biomaterials, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, with more than 260 published journal articles and >16.500 citations (h-index: 64). He is recipient of the prestigious ARC Future Fellowship (2012), Australasian Society for Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering (ASBTE) for Research Excellence Awardand and is Fellow of the International College of Biomaterials Science and Engineering. 

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