Seminar: Dr. Luca Gattinoni

Seminar: Dr. Luca Gattinoni

11 June 2012 00:00 hrs.
Fighting fire with fire: Eradicating tumors with stem-like T cells

Dr. Luca Gattinoni, National Cancer Institute, Center for Cancer Research, Bethesda, USA


Dr. Harry Dolstra, Department of Laboratory Medicine, RUNMC, Nijmegen

11-06-2012 00:00:00Europe/AmsterdamFighting fire with fire: Eradicating tumors with stem-like T cells

Remarks / more information:


Programming and reprogramming T cell fate for therapeutic use

Gattinoni, LucaAdoptive transfer of tumour-reactive T cells induces cancer regression in patients with advanced solid and haematological malignancies; however the full potential of this therapy is limited by the inefficiency of current T cell products to engraft, persist and mediate a prolonged immune attack. Here we describe how these hurdles might be overcome by employing subsets of mature T cells residing within the memory pool that exhibit the stem cell-like attributes of long-term self-renewal and multipotency. Conferring stemness to naturally occurring or genetically engineered anti-tumour T cells by activation of pathways governing stem cell behaviour or reprogramming terminally differentiated T cells with naïve or stem cell-associated transcription factors and micro-RNAs could unleash the full potential of cellular therapies.

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