Seminar: Eric Ruhe

Pharmacotherapy and recurrence prevention in depression

12 July 2016 10:00 hrs. - 11:00 hrs.
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Pharmacotherapy and recurrence prevention in depression

Eric Ruhe, Psychiatrist - epidemiologist


Aart Schene, Dept. of Psychiatry, Radboudumc

12-07-2016 10:00:0012-07-2016 11:00:00Europe/AmsterdamPharmacotherapy and recurrence prevention in depression Location see

Remarks / more information:

Red Room, Trigon Building, Kapittelweg 29. 

In Major Depressive Disorder, clinicians are in need of better tools to personalize their treatment-approaches. Profiling concerns the a-priori identification of relevant diagnostic/prognostic differences in patients. I will give an overview of work done in depression, regarding treatment with antidepressants, address ideas behind treatment resistant depression and additionally focus on the  recurrence of depressive episodes.With the achievements in studying the human brain, a promising area for profiling is to use resting state MRI. Recent advances in computational connectomics suggest innovative tools for causal exploration of whole-brain dynamics and underlying structural connectivity, which are changed in psychiatric disorders. 


  • Evidence why dose-escalation of paroxetine in major depressive disorder is not effective: A 6-week, randomized-controlled trial with assessment of serotonin transporter occupancy. Neuropsychopharmacology; 34:999-1010, 2009.
  • Mood is indirectly related to serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine levels in humans: a meta-analysis of monoamine depletion studies. Mol Psychiatry; 12:331-359, 2007.
  • Rethinking segregation and integration: contributions of whole-brain modelling. Nat Rev Neurosci.; 16:430-9, 2015 

undefinedEric Ruhe is a clinical psychiatrist, epidemiologist and researcher, experienced in conducting clinical trials, intervention research and neuroimaging of affective disorders. Amongst others, he conducted a double blind dose-escalation study in SSRIs, is currently involved in 2 other RCTs (RELATE-TRD study, a 3-arm esitalopram, nortriptyline, placebo-controlled trial investigating treatment resistance (NWO VENI grant) and the ECT-Schema study (collaborater; investigating reconsolidation of cognitive schemata by electroconvulsive therapy; HersenStichting). He also participated in the MOMENT-study (investigating the use of MBCT with/without antidepressants as a recurrence prevention strategy; ZonMW). As a clinician Dr Ruhe has been leading two tertiary care/academic clinical units (in- and day-care patients) for treatment resistant and recurrent depression (Amsterdam and Groningen) applying an integrated approach of  biological treatments (including ECT) and behavioral activation and cognitive behavioral therapy. Amongst others, Eric Ruhe initiated the DELTA-neuroimaging study including specific neuropsychological measurements (including the ETB) and functional MRI-scanning in ~60 remitted unmedicated patients with 2 episodes of depression and ~40 healthy controls.


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