Seminar: Lukas Kapitein

Sorting out polarized transport in neurons

24 October 2017 12:00 hrs. - 13:00 hrs.
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Sorting out polarized transport in neurons

Lukas Kapitein, Utrecht University


Alessandra Cambi, Dept. of Cell Biology, RIMLS

24-10-2017 12:00:0024-10-2017 13:00:00Europe/AmsterdamSorting out polarized transport in neurons Location see

Remarks / more information:

Proper positioning of organelles by cytoskeleton-based motor proteins underlies cellular events such as signaling, polarization, and growth. For example, the selective transport of different cargoes into axons and dendrites underlies the polarized organization of the neuron, whereas the regulated intra-dendritic transport of receptor-carrying endosomes is important for synaptic maintenance and modulation. To explore how different motor proteins contribute to neuronal transport and to study the site-specific roles of different organelles, we have established optical control of intracellular transport by using light-sensitive heterodimerization to recruit specific cytoskeletal motor proteins (kinesin, dynein or myosin) to selected cargoes. In addition, to unravel how the specialized organization of the neuronal cytoskeleton guides different motor proteins to either axons or dendrites, we have developed novel approaches for optical nanoscopy. One of these, called motor-PAINT, uses nanometric tracking of motor proteins to super-resolve cytoskeletal fibers and determine their polarity. This has revealed a key architectural principle of the neuronal microtubule cytoskeleton that explains how different motor proteins can selectively transport cargoes to either axons or dendrites.


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