Seminar: Massimiliano Caiazzo

Generation of 3D-dopaminergic systems via direct cell reprogramming

9 November 2016 14:00 hrs. - 15:00 hrs.
Figdor Lecture Theatre, 8th floor RIMLS Building, Geert Grooteplein 26-28, route 289
Generation of 3D-dopaminergic systems via direct cell reprogramming

Massimiliano Caiazzo, Dept. of Pharmaceutics, Utrecht University


Kees Albers, Dept. of Human Genetics, Radboudumc

09-11-2016 14:00:0009-11-2016 15:00:00Europe/AmsterdamGeneration of 3D-dopaminergic systems via direct cell reprogramming Figdor Lecture Theatre, 8th floor RIMLS Building, Geert Grooteplein 26-28, route

Remarks / more information:

undefinedDr. Massimiliano Caiazzo started his studies in Naples at the Institute of Genetics and Biophysics, where he was involved in the study of the role of the transcription factors that drive induction and differentiation of midbrain dopaminergic neurons that are crucial in the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease. During his PhD he started to be interested in the field of embryonic and neural stem cells and at the hospital San Raffaele in Milan he performed pioneering studies in the field of cell reprogramming and transdifferentiation. He completed his training at EPFL in the Laboratory of Stem Cell and Bioengineering where he combined the use of 3D hydrogels to cell reprogramming and organogenesis. In 2016 he moved to Utrecht University as assistant professor to start his own research line focused on reprogramming-based cell therapy.


The three main projects in his lab are:
1) The identification of micro-RNA’s involved in dopaminergic neuronal transdifferentiation.
2) The generation of a human 3D cell model for the nigrostriatal pathway.
3) The transdifferentiation of adult human fibroblasts into astrocytes to treat neurodegenerative diseases. 

Key publications:

  1. Caiazzo M., Okawa Y., Ranga A., Piersigilli A., Tabata Y., Lutolf M.P. Defined 3D microenvironments boost induction of pluripotent stem cells. Nat. Materials,2016; 15(3):344-352
  2. Caiazzo M., Giannelli S., Valente P., Lignani G., Carissimo A., Sessa A., Colasante G., Bartolomeo R., Ferroni S., Settembre C., Benfenati F., Broccoli V. Direct conversion of fibroblasts into functional astrocytes by defined transcription factors. Stem Cell Reports, 2015; 13;4(1):25-36
  3. Caiazzo M., Dell’Anno M.T., Dvoretskova E., Lazarevic D., Taverna S., Leo D., Sotnikova T., Menegon A., Roncaglia P., Russo G., Colciago G., Carninci P., Pezzoli G., Gainetdinov R.R., Gustincich S., Dityatev A., Broccoli V., Direct generation of functional dopaminergic neurons from mouse and human fibroblasts.  Nature 2011; 476(7359):224-227.


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