Seminar: Pedro Costa

Biofabrication of perfusable 3D tissue models

22 November 2016 14:00 hrs. - 15:00 hrs.
Figdor Lecture Theatre, 8th floor RIMLS Building, Geert Grooteplein 26-28, route 289
Biofabrication of perfusable 3D tissue models

Pedro Costa, University of Utrecht, NL


Silvia Mihaila, Dept. of Urology, RIMLS

22-11-2016 14:00:0022-11-2016 15:00:00Europe/AmsterdamBiofabrication of perfusable 3D tissue models Figdor Lecture Theatre, 8th floor RIMLS Building, Geert Grooteplein 26-28, route

Remarks / more information:

undefinedPedro Costa is a researcher, inventor and educator. He is the coordinator of the new Biofabrication MSc Programme at Utrecht University, manager of the Utrecht Biofabrication Facility and postdoctoral researcher at UMC Utrecht. Dr Costa can be described as a biologist by training and engineer/maker by heart given his undergraduate studies in applied biology followed by a PhD in biomedical engineering where he specialized in the application/combination of highly automated tools such as additive manufacturing (bioprinting) and bioreactor technologies in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. He has previously worked in both academic and industrial. Dr Costa has received several awards for his work, among them the 2014 ESB Translational Award and more recently the 2016 ISBF Young Investigator Award (2nd place).

Key Publications:

  • Additively manufactured device for dynamic culture of large arrays of 3D tissue engineered constructs, Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2015
  • Biofabrication of customized bone grafts by combination of additive manufacturing and bioreactor knowhow, Biofabrication, 6 035006, 2014
  • Automating the processing steps for obtaining bone tissue engineered substitutes: from imaging tools to bioreactors, Tissue Engineering Part B: Reviews, 20: 567-577 2013.

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