Symposium October 2015

Accelerating Scientific Discovery Symposium

8 October 2015 09:00 hrs. - 18:00 hrs.
Location see remarks
3rd National eScience Symposium

Netherlands Science Center

08-10-2015 09:00:0008-10-2015 18:00:00Europe/Amsterdam3rd National eScience Symposium Location see

Remarks / more information:

The grand societal challenges of the coming years, such as climate change, increased population size and aging, resource scarcity and increased urbanization require innovative scientific and technological interventions.

One of the most important single factors in addressing these goals and revolutionizing scientific practice will be increased capacity to harness the power of computing technology.

The 3rd National eScience Symposium will introduce scientists and researchers from all disciplines to digital technologies relevant to their field. The symposium will showcase world-class data-driven and computeintensive research.

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