MEET mini-congress

MEET mini-congress on mitochondrial medicine

28 January 2016 08:30 hrs. - 12:20 hrs.
Figdor Lecture Theatre, 8th floor RIMLS Building, Geert Grooteplein 26-28, route 289
MEET mini-congress on mitochondrial medicine
28-01-2016 08:30:0028-01-2016 12:20:00Europe/AmsterdamMEET mini-congress on mitochondrial medicine Figdor Lecture Theatre, 8th floor RIMLS Building, Geert Grooteplein 26-28, route

Remarks / more information:

Welcome Jan Smeitink

Session 1 08.30-10.00h - Chairman: Werner J.H. Koopman
R. Vatrinet: Targeting complex I as an anticancer strategy
S. Trifunov: Different patterns of mtDNA deletions accumulation
O. Lytovchenko: Mitochondrial metabolite transport in cancer cells
S. Vidali: Feasibility of ketogenic diet to treat solid cancer
L. Matakovic: Cofactor deficiency in mitochondrial diseases
M. Pezet: Understanding the mechanism underpinning the transmission of pathogenic mtDNA mutations through the germ line

10.00-10.30h Coffee Break

Session 2 10.30-12.20h - Chairman: Peter H. G. M. Willems
M. Giunta: Modifying factors in reversible mitochondrial disease - Zebrafish as a model system in RNA metabolism deficiencies
E. Holzerova: Impaired metabolite homeostasis and cofactor availability in OXPHOS disorder
L.S. Caballero: Complexome profiling to characterize the first patient harboring TMEM126B mutations
E. Iannetti: Multiplexed high-content analysis of mitochondrial morphofunction using live-cell microscopy
S.Foriel: Drosophila as a model to study therapeutic approaches for mitochondrial diseases
M.Mennuni: Manipulating segregation of human mitochondrial DNA
M.Aoun: Lipidomic profile of red blood cells in PKAN: toward the identification of disease’s biomarker



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