International PhD Program

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the RIMLS Graduate School and invite you to navigate through our website. Our multi-disciplinary approach to research in molecular life science is reflected in our international PhD program. The vision of the institute is to train junior researchers who have the intrinsic ambition to have a significant impact on healthcare and become highly qualified independent scientists. PhD candidates are offered a  full- or part-time interdisciplinary training programme that can be tailor-made to meet their specific research and career perspectives. During your PhD you will focus on scientific research culminating in the defence of a PhD thesis, but it is also important to use this opportunity for self-development. Therefore, your PhD training should focus on research skills and knowledge as well as competences required to take your next career step. The RIMLS PhD program is recognised by the KNAW. Here you find all the information on our program, as well as relevant actions per phase of your PhD. I wish you a pleasant and inspiring time at our institute.

René Bindels, Scientific Director

Below is an overview of your PhD traject:

  • Click on the buttons "Registration", "TSP year 1", TSP year 2", TSP year 4" or "Graduation" to see how you can register, complete and annually update your Training & Supervision Plan (TSP) and what is needed to graduate.

  • Click on "Competences and skills development" to look at career development options.

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For queries feel free to contact us by email, telephone or just drop-by the secretarial office (contact us).