2 Day course on Scientific Integrity for PhD Students

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Dear (supervisors of) PhD students,  

In 2012 a committee chaired by Prof. Bas Kortmann investigated the need to more explicitly organize facilities surrounding "scientific integrity". One of their recommendations was that research institutes should instruct their young researchers (see: Report "Universitaire Werkgroep Wetenschappelijke Integriteit" ).

As a result a 2-day interactive course on scientific integrity has been developed. PhD students, who are in their second or third year, are invited to participate in one of the two pilot editions of this course. After these pilots the Research Council of the Radboud University Medical Center will decide whether the course will become a mandatory part of the PhD training. 


Date of 1st pilot:

15 and 22 November 2013 (www.paoheyendael.nl/integrity1)

Date of 2nd pilot:

Fully booked


Holthurnsche Hof, Nijmegen

Target group:

2nd and 3rd year PhD students

Number of participants:


In case more than 25 PhD students are interested, the four PhD students of each of the 6 research institutes who registered first will be selected. Priority will be given to 2nd year PhD students.

Type of course:



Prof. Evert van Leeuwen (Medical Ethics) & Prof. Gert Jan van der Wilt (Ethicist, professor Health Technology Assessment)

Short description:

Integrity in scientific research has become a major component in the policy of universities all over the world. The Radboud University Medical Center offers you the opportunity to discuss and deepen your understanding of the main issues of interest concerning integrity, codes of conduct and integrity policies, having to do with critical reasoning, data collection, publishing and team work. Each participant will have to come up with cases, experiences and motivations in this interactive course. The purpose is to get actual insight in your own position, intentions in connection with the do's and don'ts of scientific culture and environment.


None. Participation in the first two pilot editions (only!) is free of charge.


Via website PAO Heyendael (www.paoheyendael.nl/integrity1)

Deadline for registration: November 3th 2013


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