10.000 Euro awarded for 3D protein scanner in school

Hienke Sminia

Hienke Sminia (NBIC) is granted 10.000 Euro by the SURFnet/ Kennisnet Innovation Programme "Augmented Reality" for her project proposal about a 3D protein scanner for high school.

The 3D protein scanner will be developed as a mobile phone application, which will help high school students to visualize and understand the proteins that are present in food. By scanning the QR tags on food products (butter, spaghetti) from the supermarket with their phone, the Augmented reality application will show the proteins inside.

Hienke Sminia, coordinator of NBIC's bioinformatics@school project: "The 3D protein scanner combines two important themes in the biology and chemistry classes: food and proteins. The mobile phone application shows that proteins are part of daily life products and makes them tangible."

More information:

SURFnet/Kennisnet Innovation programme: www.surfnetkennisnet.nl (in Dutch)

NBIC's bioinformatics at school project: www.nbic.nl

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