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PhD-student Yannick Wouters, Dept. of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, theme Infectious diseases and global health has won the Medical Inspirator Prize 2016 with his researchproject “Rapid DNA-test for bloodstream infections in intestinal failure patients”. He will receive 75.000 euro to further develop this DNA test. This short movie shows the importance of his project. Congratulations Yannick!

Summary of the project:

The Netherlands harbor several hundreds of patients with severe intestinal failure. Intestinal failure patients often depend on life-long home parenteral (intravenous) nutrition. This is a complex time-consuming treatment that centers on training patients to manage their venous catheter and infusion pump at home.

Life-threatening catheter-related bloodstream infections occur and hospital admissions cannot be avoided in this situation, sometimes even with a stay in the intensive care unit. In case of a bloodstream infection, blood cultures are drawn to learn what microbe causes the infection. Only several days later the results of this test are available to the physician and the right treatment can be chosen. In the meantime, the condition of the patient deteriorates because intravenous nutrition cannot be given.

In this project, a rapid DNA-test is being developed, which aims to detect pathogens within several hours. The test speeds up the process and therefore makes a huge difference for patients because almost immediately the right treatment can be given. Intestinal failure patients will regain their health faster and their hospital stay will be considerably shorter.

Information (only in Dutch) on the ZonMw website click here.

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