430kE Villa Joep Grant for Gosse Adema, Peter Hoogerbrugge and Michiel Kroesen

Kroesen Michiel

Research at the departments of Tumor Immunology and Pediatric Oncology aims at better understanding of the immune system using molecular-, cell biological- and immunological- techniques. An important activity of the departments is the translation of basic research into (pre)clinical applications, including development of immunocombination therapy for Neuroblastoma. In this collaborative project we aim to study and improve immunotherapy as part of multimodal therapy using a novel pre-clinical MYCN-neuroblastoma tumor model in mice. In this model, dendritic Cell (DC)-based vaccination therapy and anti-GD2 mAb based immunotherapy will be combined with targeted therapies (e.g. HDAC inhibitors, CDK-2/MYCN inhibitors /ALK-inhibitors etc.). Additive and synergistic effects of immunotherapy with these different treatment modalities will be determined and the underlying mechanisms unraveled.

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