Dr. Alessandra Cambi has been elected as new member of the board of the study group Lipids & Biomembranes

Cambi, Alesandra

During the Annual Meeting "Chemistry in Relation to Biology and Medical Sciences" organized by the NWO-CW study groups Protein research, Nucleic acids and Lipids & Biomembranes and held on 10-11 December in Veldhoven, Dr Alessandra Cambi (Department of Tumor Immunology) has been elected as new member of the board of the study group Lipids & Biomembranes. Every year one of the board members is substituted by a new member to guarantee continuity but also innovation. The mandate is for 3 years and the tasks of the members change annually, starting as participating member in the first year, then as secretary in the second year and finally as chair of the board in the third year. Currently, the chair elected is Dr. ir. W.K. den Otter (UT) and the secretary elected is Dr. C.A.M. de Haan (UU).

The NWO division of Chemical Sciences counts sixteen active study groups (see http://www.nwo.nl/nwohome.nsf/pages/NWOP_7ZTEYP). These study groups organize an annual meeting and represent an important forum for chemical researchers. Research of the study group "Lipids and Biomembranes" is focused on the biogenesis, organization, regulation and function of biological membranes. Increased knowledge of the structure and dynamics of biological membranes will result in a better understanding of the fundamental biochemical processes that take place at the membrane. This will allow contributing to the studies on emerging diseases that are related to defects in membranes or lipid metabolism such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, Alzheimer, Multiple Sclerosis, and infectious diseases.  An integrated approach is necessary to realize these ambitious goals. At the interphase of chemistry with physics, biomedical sciences, pharmacy, and informatics, major developments are expected, including the area of lipidomics, biomolecular microscopy, bioinformatics and modelling, lipid-protein interactions, membrane transport, and durable energy. Research topics of this study group can play an important and central role in these developments.

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