A NutsOhra fund on prevention of infection around skin penetrating limb prostheses (2014-2018; Euro 108k)

Yang , Fang 2014

Dr. Fang Yang, Dept. of Biomaterials has received funding from the Foundation NutsOhra to perform a 4-year research project related to prevention of infection around skin penetrating limb prostheses.

Traditionally, a prosthesis connected with a socket to the body is the treatment of choice for the replacement of a missing body part. However, such device is associated with many serious disadvantages, which are related to impaired mobility, pain, sensibility problems and serious skin ulceration. Recently, bone-anchored percutaneous implants have been developed, which provide a direct functional and strong connection between the external device and the patient's own bone. As a consequence, such a device will avoid skin problems and allow for a normal function. However, the penetration of the implant through the skin introduces a significant risk of infection. This risk prevents the introduction of bone-anchored implants on a large scale. The project aim to develop a functional defense against bacterial infections along the percutaneous passage of implant by using membranes facilitating controlled antimicrobial drug release.

The research will be performed in collaboration with Dr. Henk van de Meent (Dept. of Rehabilitation), Dr. Jan Paul Frölke (Dept. of General surgery) and Prof. Pieter Buma (Dept. of Orthopedics).

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