A Personal Touch of Hans Jacobs

Hans Jacobs _Jan 2014

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This week: Hans Jacobs






1. Name & Nationality
JFM (Hans) Jacobs, Dutch

2. When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?
In the spotlight, on stage. I wanted to go to a theatre academy but my parents tricked me into science. I am so happy that I, for once, followed their advice. An occasional part in a funny PhD-graduation movie and weekly puppet theatre for my three kids is more than enough acting for me.

3. What was your previous academic training, where did you study?
I graduated in Biomedical Sciences and in Medicine at the Radboud Medical Faculty. I performed part of my studies at the Karolinska institute (Stockholm), Kansas State University and Mukumu Hospital (Kenia). I performed my PhD at the department of Tumor Immunology (Radboudumc) and the Ludwig Institute (Brussels).

4. What is your current function and what would you like to achieve?
As Medical Immunologist staff member my task is to offer top academic diagnostic service. My research focus is on cancer immunology. My passion is to contribute in unraveling the complexity of immune regulation in cancer tissue.

5. The RIMLS motto is 'to understand molecular mechanisms of disease'. What does this mean for you? 
Understanding the molecular mechanisms of immune disorders is all about balance. Most immune disorders are either caused by 'too much' or 'too little' immune response. Controlled immune activation is in my opinion crucial for healthy aging.

6. What is the biggest motivation in your work?
The synergy of collaborations. Immunology is extremely interdisciplinary. Some of the questions we ask ourselves can only be answered if we team up with chemists, physicists, clinicians or even pharmaceutical companies. Most inspiring ideas so far, have popped up interacting with professionals from other disciplines.

7. What is your dream for the future?
I hope that in the near future, personalized cancer-immunotherapy will truly make a difference for every individual cancer patient.

8. Fun-facts. State an interesting/obscure fact about yourself together with two that are false? Correct answer will be revealed to readers in the subsequent edition.
A: Two people named Hans Jacobs work at the Radboudumc. I was recently mistakenly invited for a lunch at restaurant 'Valdin'. I went and enjoyed a great lunch. 
B: During a pursuit-scene next to the RIMLS-building for a PhD graduation movie, our  video-shoot was interrupted by concerned Radboud Security Staff.
C: I hope to be able to switch gears in the near future and have my breakthrough as a professional dancer. 


Correct answer of Marloes Vissers: C

State an interesting/obscure fact about yourself together with two that are false?
A: Deep down, I truly believe in unicorns!
B: I know it's supposed to be impossible…but I can lick my elbow. It's true!
C: I love to bring up faecal transplants during a party!


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