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This week: Sophieke van der Steen.






1. Name & Nationality
Sophieke van der Steen, Dutch

2. When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to become a veterinarian until I found out that not only cute dogs and rabbits are involved, but  also rats and reptiles. Therefore, I switched to human beings, they (usually) don't scare me.

3. What was your previous academic training, where did you study?
I studied medical sciences at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. The best experience was an  internship in  a little hospital in rural Tanzania. It is very special and educational to work and live in a developing country and to experience a different culture.

4. What is your current function and what would you like to achieve?
Currently, I work as a PhD-student at the department of Gynaecology and the department of Biochemistry. My research forms a bridge between fundamental en clinical research and focuses on the involvement of extracellular matrix molecules in  ovarian cancer. After my PhD graduation, I hope to be accepted into the specialization of gynaecology.

5. The RIMLS motto is 'to understand molecular mechanisms of disease'. What does this mean for you?
Ovarian cancer is a very elusive disease with a high mortality rate. At the end of my PhD-program, I hope to understand more about  the role of glycosaminoglycans in ovarian cancer and its potential clinical applications.

6. What is the biggest motivation in your work?
First, to contribute to better clinical management and outcome of ovarian cancer patients. Second, to develop my scientific and personal skills, and to implement these skills in daily clinical practice. 

7. What is your dream for the future?
To travel around the world (without being  involved in an  airplane crash - my biggest fear). Especially I would love to see turtles  (Galapagos Islands) and bears (Canada/Alaska) in their natural habitat.

8. Fun-facts. State an interesting/obscure fact about yourself together with two
that are false?Correct answer will be revealed to readers in the subsequent edition.
A: The colour of the pair of socks I am wearing doesn't match
B: My favourite TV-programme is 'say yes to the dress'
C: Usually I sleep 4-5 hours a night 


Correct answer of René Marke: B

State an interesting/obscure fact about yourself together with two that are false?
A: I do not know how to ride a bike
B: I play monthly gigs with my band at Cafe Dollars in Nijmegen.
C: I never learned how to speak Dutch during my studies in Nijmegen.




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