Access to Scopus ends in 2013


The access to database Scopus (Elsevier) ends on January 1, 2013, for RU students and scientists. The current financial means of Radboud University are no longer sufficient to maintain subscriptions to all databases. The University Library has had to make a choice between two comparable databases: Web of Science and Scopus. To this end, both a qualitative and a quantitative inquiry have been carried out among scientists at three faculties where these databases are frequently used. The report shows a clear preference for Web of Science.

Based on this outcome, the subscription to Scopus will be cancelled from January 1, 2013. Library staff can assist you in converting alerts from Scopus to Web of Science, PubMed or other databases.

For help, visit any of the library locations on campus or contact the library via Ask Your Librarian.

Important conclusions from the survey:

• Web of Science is used four times more often than Scopus

• The most important scientific journals are available in both databases

• A significantly higher proportion of the respondents indicate that they would have problems with cancelling Web of Science than with cancelling Scopus.

• A number of scientists indicates that there are sufficient alternatives

By ending the subscription, the abstracts from journal articles from Scopus are no longer visible on the Elsevier  platform SciVerse from 2013.



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