Alpe d'HuZes grant for digital pathology

Laak Van Der , Jeroen

An Alpe d'HuZes grant (€ 1 mio) was awarded to Jeroen van der Laak and Iris Nagtegaal from the Dept. of Pathology.

The project aims to improve assessment of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes for better prognosis of primary colon and breast tumours as well as colorectal liver metastases. To this end, advanced image analysis software will be developed in close cooperation with the diagnostic image analysis group (DIAG) of the Radiology department. Validation of the methods will be an important part of the project, using large cohorts of patients from different sites.

The project will be performed in a consortium with partners from UMC Utrecht and the 'Laboratorium voor Pathologie Oost-Nederland' (LabPON) in Hengelo.

Nagtegaal , I-2 










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