ALW open programme grant for Sonja Buschow and Carl Figdor

Buschow, Sonja

Sonja Buschow and Carl Figdor from the department of Tumor Immunology have received a NWO open programme grant (250 KE) for their research project entitled: "Galectin-9: a novel membrane organizer that regulates phagocytic receptors"

One of the key properties of dendritic cells (DC) is their ability to phagocytose pathogens and fragments of malignant, dying or infected cells. After uptake the ingested material is processed into fragments for presentation to cells of the adaptive immune system. To aid phagocytosis DC express a plethora of cell surface receptors that together drive particle internalization and DC activation. 


Figdor, CarlFrom proteomics analysis of purified phagosomes we extracted a novel player in DC phagocytosis, Galectin-9 (Buschow et al., J Proteomics. 2012), that our preliminary experiments suggest on the DC surface scaffold phagocytic receptors into preformed platforms that are internalized as a whole during phagocytosis. We hypothesize such scaffolds may facilitate and regulate receptor signaling and crosstalk.
Galectin-9 is a secreted lectin containing two separate carbohydrate recognition domains by which it can scaffold glycoproteins from the outside of the cell. We here propose to investigate the new concept of glycan-mediated receptor organization by Galectin-9 in human DC using microscopical, biochemical and immunological read-outs. The knowledge generated by this project will provide a significant conceptual advance in our understanding of DC phagocytosis.



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