Anneke den Hollander receives Camras Award

Hollander, Anneke den (2)

Anneke den Hollander of the Department of Ophthalmology has won the Carl Camras Translational Research Award from the ARVO Foundation for Eye Research, USA.              

She received this prestigious award because of the major impact of her work on our knowledge of the genetics of hereditary retinal disorders. She has been involved in the identification of 12 retinal dystrophy genes and has identified the majority of the genetic causes of congenital blindness. Although she only received her PhD in the year 2002, she is a highly respected and talented scientist in her field with over 100 publications. Among those publications 17 appear in highly-ranked journals such as Nature Genetics, the Journal of Clinical Investigation, and the American Journal of Human Genetics. One of Dr. den Hollander's publications in Progress of Retinal and Eye Research is the top-cited paper in this journal of the last 5 years. She is director of research at the Department of Ophthalmology, and with her leadership skills has grown the research department from one PhD student in 2008 to ten in 2012.

The award ceremony will take place in May 2013 in Seattle, during the keynote session of ARVO, the largest vision research conference in the world with more than 12,000 attendees.

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