Appointments Pim Assendelft

Assendelft , Pim

Pim Assendelft, head of the department of Primary and Community Care of the Radboudumc, has been appointed chairman of the program committee and ambassador of two nationwide large projects.

More resilience, home more

The first project 'Meer veerkracht, langer thuis' (in English 'More resilience, home more') focuses on elderly people with one or more limitations living on their own and aims to allow them to continue to live on their own for as long as possible. The project is funded with grant funds provided by 'Funds NutsOhra'. This fund promotes initiatives that increase opportunities for vulnerable people. For the coming three years, the fund will support the program by providing twelve million Euros to boost innovations in the care for the elderly. For more information please click here.

Prevention in the neighbourhood

Pim Assendelft was appointed ambassador of the project 'Preventie in de buurt' (in English 'Prevention in the neighbourhood'). This project, funded by RIVM Gezond Leven, focuses on strengthening prevention within primary care in the neighbourhood placing emphasis on connecting public health professionals and GP's to strengthen the expertise of public health prevention in the doctors practice. Assendelft will be travelling the country in the coming months as ambassador for this project. For more information please click here.

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