Dutch Arthritis Foundation Grant for Blaney Davidson

Blaney Davidson, Esmeralda

Esmeralda Blaney Davidson, Dept. of Experimental Rheumatology, theme Inflammatory Diseases received a € 240.000 grant from the Dutch Arthritis Foundation to carry out the project entiteld “Inflammation-induced SOCS3 leads to deleterious chondrocyte behaviour by altering TGF-β signalling, resulting in progressive cartilage damage in osteoarthritis”.

Experimental Rheumatology has a longstanding track record in establishing TGF-beta as a key player in cartilage maintenance. Disturbance of TGF-beta signalling inevitably leads to cartilage destruction. This project aims to bring together inflammatory events and cartilage destruction in osteoarthritis by investigating the interplay between a mediator of inflammation, SOCS3, and the cartilage protective factor TGF-beta. 

Currently there is a PhD position available for this project.

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