Award of Izaak Korteweg en Anna Ida Overwaterfonds for Theo Plantinga


Dr. Theo Plantinga, postdoc General Internal Medicine, Section Endocrinology, received an award from the "Izaak Korteweg en Anna Ida Overwaterfonds". The award consists of a certificate and 5,000 euros. Theo Plantinga is awarded the prize for his research into genetic causes of immune-related disorders such as fungal infections, Crohn's disease and rheumatoid arthritis. He examined in particular gene variants that are part of the innate and the adaptive immune system. He also explains how these gene variants affect the inflammatory process, so that on the basis of this knowledge targeted medication can be applied. The " Izaak Korteweg en Anna Ida Overwaterfonds " grants every five years awards to promising young researchers. In 2012 there are two prices for agricultural research and two awards for research in medicine awarded.

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