Awardees RIHS Junior Researcher round 2015

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The following 8 RIHS Junior Researcher projects have been granted:

Bousema , Teun

Dr. Teun Bousema
Defining antigen specific signatures of protective immunity to malaria (DESIMAL)


Broeders , Mirreille

Dr. Mireille Broeders
Acceptability of personalised risk-based breast cancer screening and prevention approaches among women in Europe


Hopman , Maria

Prof. Maria Hopman
The cardiac consequences of endurance exercise: can too much exercise hurt the heart?


Karssemeijer, Nico
Prof. Nico Karssemeijer
Quantitative pathological analysis for improved prognostication of triple negative breast cancer


Melis , Rene

Dr. René Melis
Understanding and Predicting Personalized Growth curves to Aid Individualized care in late onset Dementia from diagnosis and onwards: the UPPGRAID study


Roeleveld , Nel

Dr. Nel Roeleveld
Patterns of blood pressure change across pregnancy and adverse perinatal outcomes: development and application of big data technologies


Thijssen , Dick

Dr. Dick Thijssen
Non-invasive surrogate for right ventricular pressure-volume loops: Development, validation, and prognostic value of an innovative and novel echocardiographic tool in pulmonary artery hypertension


Wetzels, Jack

Prof. Jack Wetzels
Unraveling the pathogenesis of idiopathic nephrotic syndrome: a search for plasma-permeability factors

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