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This year, the AXA Research Fund will grant 30 Fellowships for an individual amount of 120,000€ over 2 years.

Candidates must have been awarded their first PhD (or equivalent doctoral degree) within the 5 years preceding the submission of the proposal for the Post-Doctoral Fellowship campaign. Extensions to this period may be allowed in case of documented career breaks.

The mission of the AXA Research Fund is to fund basic science dedicated to a better understanding of global risks within one of the following three clusters: Environmental risks, life risks, socio-economic risks.


Environmental risks

  • Climate change, e.g. glacier retreat, sea-level rise.
  • Natural hazards, e.g. earthquake, atmospheric and space-weather phenomena.
  • Human driven environmental changes, e.g. urban pollution, nanotechnologies and pesticide exposure.

Life risks

  • Aging and long term care, e.g. trends in individual longevity, age-related diseases, population demographics.
  • Biomedical risks, e.g. evolution of infectious diseases and pandemics, exposure to new technologies.
  • Addictions and risky behaviors, e.g. psychology, biology, medicine.

Socio-economic Risks

  • Geopolitical risks, e.g. access to natural resources, international and civil conflicts, political upheavals, international security.
  • Macro-economic and financial systemic risks, i.e. all uncertainties pertaining to relationships between economic aggregates (e.g. national income, government expenditure, aggregate demand).
  • Individual and collective behaviors relating to uncertainty.
  • Large corporate risks, e.g. internal corporate governance risks, threats and challenges inherent to the corporate environment.

Interested Radboudumc researchers have to submit the internal application form to Marieke de Visser (deadline 10 November 2014). A jury will select the candidates who may submit a light proposal to AXA.

Time line

Submission of internal application form 10 November 2014                         
Decision of jury to applicants 18 November 2014
Submission of light proposal to AXA 15 December 2014
Submission of full proposal to AXA 19 March 2015
Interviews March - May 2015
Results publication 10 June 2015





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