Bankruptcy of Ipskamp printers Enschede


Herewith I would like to inform you of the bankruptcy of Ipskamp printers in Enschede. A lot of PhDs have been printing their dissertations at this company the past 18 (!!) years. Currently the Ipskamp is still producing dissertations; possibly there will be a restart, however it is not clear which party will step in and when and where the dissertations will be printed. Therefore it is also not clear whether quotations that were made will still be valid; moreover, delivery times and pricing of dissertations are uncertain at this time.
At this moment, dissertations that are currently printed (or will be printed in the near future) will be transferred to other printers (contact:  M. Beerens, Van Tilt, see below). For each dissertation –depending on the basis of circulation, size, desired paper type, and optionally (color) images- the most suitable alternative party will be selected in terms of value for money. 

If you have questions or problems concerning the printing, pricing and/or delivery of your thesis, or need advice on this topic, please contact Marc Beerens at Van Tilt's. Marc will make every effort to ensure that candidates do not get into trouble with the delivery dates of their dissertations.

Contact person: Marc Beerens

Uitgeverij Van Tilt
St. Annastraat 99
6524 EK Nijmegen

T (0)24 360 22 94

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