Best Oral Presentation award - Lydia van Overveld

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Last week Lydia van Overveld, researcher at IQ healthcare, was the winner of the 'Best Oral Presentation' award at the European Congress on Head and Neck Oncology with her project ‘Malignities in the head and neck area – Quality registration for integrated care’.

For this project a set of quality indicators has been developed to measure and monitor quality of integrated care for patients with head and neck cancer. Starting points for the formulation of these indicators were the various viewpoints of medical specialists, allied heathcare workers as well as patients. Indicators have been developed throughout the care process, from the moment of referral to the follow up. Relevant data for indicator calculations are registered in an online registration system by almost all Dutch Centers for Head and Neck Oncology and their preferred partners.

This year, the first reports with clearly visible results will become available, while results can be retrieved every week through the online registration system as well. The Radboud University Medical Center has in turn made huge progress in automatically retrieving data from Epic.


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