Best poster prize for René Dirks

Dirks, René.jpg

René Dirks, PhD candidate in the group of Hendrik Marks. theme Cancer development and immune defense, has been awarded the prize for best poster presentation at the Epigenetic Regulation of Stem Cell Differentiation symposium in Amsterdam.

His poster titled ‘Miniaturization and automation of Chromatin Immunoprecipitation-Sequencing’ depicts the development of an integrated fluidic circuit for performing sensitive, parallelized, automated affinity purifications. The technology is being utilized for high resolution genome wide profiling of epigenetic factors on biological material that is only available in limited quantities, such as certain stem cell populations. Currently, the platform is being optimized for low-input protein pull-downs as well. Congratulations René!

Authors: René A.M. Dirks*, Peter Thomas^, Robert C. Jones^, Hendrik G. Stunnenberg*, Hendrik Marks*.
Affiliations: Department of Molecular Biology, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands*. Fluidigm Corporation, South San Francisco, CA, USA^.



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