Best Student Award Epidemiology for Lieke Egbers

Foto Lieke

Each year the Department for Health Evidence offers the Best Student Award to the most excellent student majoring in Epidemiology, Health Technology Assessment , or Human Health Risk assessment.

Lieke Egbers has been awarded for the best major internship Epidemiology 2013-14, with her internship entitled 'Prognostic value of family history among patients with urinary bladder cancer.'

Lieke investigated the association of first-degree urinary bladder cancer (UBC) family history with clinicopathological characteristics and prognosis of UBC patients. She concluded that family history is not predictive for UBC recurrence or progression. These results have been published in the International Journal of Cancer (

This internship was executed at the Department for Health Evidence, and supervised by Anne Grotenhuis, Sita Vermeulen and Bart Kiemeney.

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