Beyond the scientist: Jelle Barentsz

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Where and when were you born?

19 april 1956, in Heveadorp.

Where do you live and with whom?

I live in Malden with my wife and dog.

Who was your role model when you were a kid?

Great researchers, who are at the top of their knowledge.

Why aren’t you doing the same thing now as your role model (or do you?)

To some extent I do, but I realize that helping other people (empathy) is more important than what you have achieved (ego) and what you reached financially (euro).

What is the thing in your (work or other) history that you are most proud of?

To have overcome my partial spinal cord paralysis. I can walk again, work again, and enjoy life even more than before (as I now experienced the dark side of life). This makes me more persistent to fight for patients.

And work related, having given rebirth to a nano-ultrasmall-iron-particle MRI-contrast (Combidex) agent. This agent will help many patients with cancer and other diseases like M.S. and arteriosclerosis.  

What is it that you would like to achieve in work in the next 5 to 10 years?

1. Enable global prostate cancer screening.

2. Make Combidex available for all patients with cancer and beyond, all over the world, for an affordable price.

For what can we wake you up?

Making other people happy.

What is your hobby and how good are you at it?

Zazen-meditation, photography, traveling, walking. I am good enough in these to be happy.

What is your biggest irritation?

Injustice, people being not honest and bureaucracy.

Who would you like to invite for dinner, if you had the chance?

A philanthropist who will support my team to enable my dreams (see above).

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