Beyond the Scientist: Peter Scalia


Peter Scalia, PhD candidate at Dartmouth College and IQ healthcare


Where and when were you born?

Montreal, Quebec in 1991

Where do you live and with whom?

I live in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Who was your role model when you were a kid?

My grandfather.

Why aren’t you doing the same thing now as your role model (or do you?)

My grandfather immigrated to Canada as a young man and worked in construction. He worked hard to give the next generations a better life, and always encouraged me to pursue a career that would make me happy. I always had an aptitude for science, and really enjoy research, so I decided to take a different path.

What is the thing in your (work or other) history that you are most proud of?

I am proud that I am doing research in the area of shared decision making in healthcare. I am proud because it’s an approach to medicine that empowers patients to become more prominent actors in their own healthcare. This work has enabled me to develop my research skills and advocate for patients which aligns with my commitment to servicing those in need.

What is it that you would like to achieve in work in the next 5 to 10 years?

I would like to publish meaningful work that can be used by policymakers and clinicians to improve medical practice. I also want to attain a research position at an institution that can provide me with the opportunity to teach students about my research.

For what can we wake you up?

I have always been a student-athlete. I was a competitive hockey player, and often had to wake up at 4:30am to train or practice. During my undergraduate degree at the University of Ottawa, I was a part of the university rowing team. A similar situation occurred, where I had to wake up early to train and work with my teammates. In summation, sports motivate me to wake up.

What is your hobby and how good are you at it?

My hobby is playing hockey. It is very cathartic for me, and it is a sport that I thoroughly enjoy. I believe I am very good at it, but others may disagree…

What is your biggest irritation?

I am not someone who gets easily irritated, therefore I can’t really point to something that irritates me.

Who would you like to invite for dinner, if you had the chance? 

Noam Chomsky. I am an admirer of his political writings.

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