Beyond the scientist: Tessel Galesloot


Where and when were you born?

I was born on January 28th, 1986, in Deventer.

Where do you live and with whom?

I live in Nijmegen in the most beautiful street of the city, especially when the blossom trees are in bloom at the end of April (Javastraat). I live alone. I rent the first floor of a very nice old house with high ceilings and beautiful roof terraces. I am really happy with my home J

Who was your role model when you were a kid?

I didn’t really have a role model as a kid, but in general I admire people who approach the homo universalis ideal.

Why aren’t you doing the same thing now as your role model (or do you?)

I have a very broad interest in many different things and like to develop and challenge myself in these areas, so I try to be a little bit of a homo universalis.

What is the thing in your (work or other) history that you are most proud of?

I am proud of the prize I won as a student for the oral presentation about my master internship at the WEON (Dutch Epidemiology Conference) in 2010. I always challenged myself during my studies to practice the art of presenting as much as possible and this prize seemed to be the reward for that effort.

I am also proud that I obtained my PhD (2015), as I was not sure about starting a PhD project after my studies. Fortunately I did. It brought me so much, both professionally and personally.

And in my personal life I am proud to have lovely people around me with whom I can share all aspects of life.

What is it that you would like to achieve in work in the next 5 to 10 years?

I hope to further develop my methodological skills in the field of (genetic) epidemiology and to use them to make a valuable contribution to both urological cancer research, the field that I work in now, and projects on other topics.

For what can we wake you up?

I love to sleep, but you can wake me up for anything that is meant to make me happy.

What is your hobby and how good are you at it?

I love sports (bootcamp, beachvolleybal, cycling, strength training/intensity/fitness/dance workouts at the gym), partying and dancing, reading, playing the piano, exploring cultural activities, practicing my Italian, and to meet with my friends, talk about life, eat, drink, etc J

What is your biggest irritation?

Injustice, dishonesty, inauthenticity.

Who would you like to invite for dinner, if you had the chance?

I would love to have a big dinner with everyone I love.


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