Biometrics Course

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Biometrics (August 2015- January 2016)

This postgraduate course is particularly aimed at those who have previously followed an introductory course in (bio) statistics and now intend to do research. This course aims to reintroduce the basics of biostatistics from an applied biomedical perspective, give a greater understanding of statistical concepts, and help researchers understand the most commonly used biostatistical methods, including when and when not to use them. We will cover statistical methods to adequately explore, describe, display and analyze data. The emphasis will be on understanding how to interpret statistical results and how observed effects in the sample can be generalized to the population.


The participant will:

-          Get an overview of the most applied statistical methods in biomedical research

-          Be able to communicate more efficiently with the biostatistician

-          Be able to use the basic statistical methods

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